Beach Bag Must Haves

I don't know about you guys, but I liiiiive for that one week out of the year that can be spent on vacation at the beach. I mean really, what's better than having your toes in the sand, a beautiful view, and not a care in the world? If I were a doctor, I'd prescribe a week of this to ALL teachers just so we can stay sane in the new school year!  

My family and I have been coming every year to the same beach (Destin, FL) since I was literally a newborn.  We've seen Destin grow from a small beach town to a well-known destination. And one thing I've learned over the years is how to pack a beach bag. Check out my much needed beach bag essentials below!

Our first GIVEAWAY is finally here!

-CONGRATULATIONS to Lynn Adele! We can't wait to see what you pick out!-

I am so excited to announce this giveaway!  Do you remember that post a couple of weeks ago about how much I love LuLaRoe clothing?  Check it out HERE if you don't.  My friend Trisha is so generously giving away a beautiful "Nicole" dress AND a $100 shopping credit to her LuLaRoe shop!

Standards Based Grading // Part 2: The Learning Targets

And we're back! By now, I hope you have had a chance to find a grading scale that works for you and your students. If you missed Part 1: The Grading Scale, you can find it here. Now let's talk a little bit about the learning targets and why they are so important in order to be successful with SBG.