How I plan to use my Erin Condren Teacher Planner // & Back to School Giveaway!

It's about that time... time for early morning alarm clocks, lunch packing, and back to school shopping. Our first day isn't until August 29th, but I like need to start preparing a few weeks ahead of time. I finally joined the Erin Condren teacher planner team and I'm in love! Unfortunately, some of the planner is geared more towards elementary teachers but I plan to make it suit my needs as a high school math teacher.

1. I love the "plan for it pouch". It will work great for stickers, notes, pens, etc. I'm going to leave mine right in the front so it's easy to find.

2. With more than 100 students each year, the "Happy Birthday" section isn't going to really work for me and my students. Instead, I plan to make my own stickers using my Silhouette Cameo and turn these pages in to a blogging schedule/ideas page.

3. We take attendance each day digitally, so I won't need an absentee log.  Again, I am going to make some Parent/Teacher Contact Log stickers with my Cameo and use this section as a way to keep track of my communication with parents throughout the year.
4. The student checklist will be great to keep track of my standards based grading grades. If you aren't familiar with SBG, take a look at these posts... Part 1 & Part 2

5. I really like the "plan your year" pages and I'm going to use them exactly the way they are intended!

6. I bought washi tape at Target and Michaels to use as dividers and page markers in my lesson plan section.  I only teach 4 classes each day, not 7, so it only made sense to use the remaining space for something else.  I'm going to use these sections as a "morning to-do", "afternoon to-do" and "important meetings" lists or reminders.

7. This really is what I love about my Erin Condren Teacher Planner.  I can use this planner for EVERYTHING! Not only for my lesson plans and school stuff, but also for life events as well! No more carrying around two planners. Yay!

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  1. In order to get through the first day (September 6 for me), I need to go on a run (the morning of) and visualize my day from beginning to end!

  2. I must have coffee, my copies made, a to-do list, and a planner to help keep me sane. This kit and planner would be perfect for this very organized/type-A personality!

  3. Chocolate is a must for the first day of school!!

  4. I need to have my day planned out, everything prepared, and a big smile to welcome a new class of fourth graders!

  5. We already had our first day on August 8th - but I needed multiple pairs of shoes to get through the day be 6 months pregnant! My feet need some loooove!!

  6. Never too old to have a super cute and new back to school outfit ;) to match your Erin condren planner of course! And coffee- lots and lots of coffee! I always love the first day and the newness of a new year ��