Teacher Gifts

After using my sisters’ Silhouette Cameo, I decided I wanted needed one for myself.  I love being able to make personalized gifts for my friends and throwing a monogram on anything I can get my hands on.  Whether it’s labels for the kitchen spice jars, a sand bucket for my friend’s son, or a Bible verse on a picture frame, I have so much fun learning to be creative.  (Yes, for me, creativity is a learning process!)

One of my favorite gifts I’ve made so far are these personalized clipboards.  I found these adorable pink clipboards at Target (only $3 each – score!) and added names in vinyl for the other female teachers I work with.  While they don’t magically grade the homework or take the attendance on the roster clipped onto them, it does make me smile to see all of using them at the same time.  Who doesn’t like a pretty little something in the middle of her daily tasks?  I’m going to make them as a welcome gift for our new faculty members this fall, and just might offer one in a giveaway before school starts again! 

*This is in no way a sponsored post.  I really do love my Silhouette and I'm in no way popular enough for anyone to give me a free one...yet :)

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